Television Advertising Costs

a video Advertisement of your productS or service like this one

on your website and youtube could make a world of difference

A picture is worth a thousand words

Where have all the Searchers gone?

Gone to Youtube everyone!


Caption World Video Promotions presentations and advertisments for sales and marketing in the UK

With Video for all

Captionworld Video Promotion

Your own Video Film and Photo Editing Service


To include the hearing impaired

      Video for all

With Closed Captions

and Language Translation on Youtube

And it doesn't have to cost you the Earth

Transform your Website photos and Video into a Video show like this one.

With special effects. Transitions. Background Music. Voice over.

And Subtitled. Closed Captions

  • A 30 second Commercial at prime time off air UK TV.
  • One Advert could cost up to £60,000 per insertion.
  • Production cost up to £10000.
  • And has a short duration.
  • Audience area. UK Only.

A one minute Promotion from only


A one minute Promotion from only


  • A one minute Captionworld commercial on Youtube. All year round.
  • Cost of insertion. Included in the one off production cost.
  • Production cost up to £150.
  • And has a very long duration.
  • Audience area. Worldwide..

Captionworld advertising costs

Target even more of your audience Today. With voice overs and Closed Captions.

Bring static Photographs and video to life.