With Video for all

Video and photo editing for sales marketing promotions and presentations

These days Video adverts are more popular than just photos on a static website we prefer to see a video than wade through loads of text.

Even more with Closed Captions

A picture is worth a thousand words

Captionworld promotions and presentations UK

Target even more of your audience.

Great! If you have already watched the two video examples of editing background music and subtitles. Just imagine for a moment that this could be your product or service.

A one minute or less advertisement on Youtube acts for your website like a sales person promoting your product or service around the world.

To include the hard of hearing. Places where no sound is allowed.

  And the multiple language menu. Youtube

Liven up those static photos, use as an additional Promotional Presentation Video

Why Closed Captions?

How do we include Closed Captions or Subtitles

The Caption text file is the very last part to be added to the promotion video.It is created manually from a programme so that it is synchronized with the voice over audio.

The small text .srt file is uploaded to Youtube.This small text file does a great deal of work. In addition to displaying written text.

This is where it gets very interesting I discovered that.

Google indexes the text file and uses the text content in the same way as your website's Meta Tags. Great addition for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

On checking my Youtube descovery statistics. Google search terms. showed search words that where only present in the Caption file. Not the Meta Tags. 


Google Loves Video and Closed Captions

Here is an experiment you can try for yourself.

Type this into your Google search box.


Then try this


Now try


This search term was taken from the Caption File

Check Google Video then Closed Captions on the Left side